Ideal Waikato-Tainui Graduate

On graduation from Te Wharekura o Rakaumanga AKONGA will have achieved the following:

Amokapua: Intellectual Success

  • Has achieved minimum qualifications NCEA L2 with 20 credits L3 Te Reo Rangatira and 20 credits L3 Performing Arts.
  • Has attained a vocational pathway endorsed certificate in 2 of the 6 sectors.
  • Has completed a postgraduate financial management and Personal/Home management module/course.
  • Is fully cognisant of his/her vocational requirements and pathway and has completed a work based internship programme of orientation.
  • Has completed Learner Licence requirements, First Aid Certificate and Safety Certificate.
  • Is able to research, plan, organise, facilitate and evaluate issues of personal, whanau and iwi importance.
  • Has made a submission to the tribal authority on a youth issue.

Amokapua: Physically Robust with Healthy Habits and Attitude

  • Possess competent understanding of mental wellness, reproductive health and safety management.
  • Is able to demonstrate an understanding of his/her nutritional needs.
  • Has participated in two extra-curricular activities at senior school level.
  • Follows a personal health and fitness plan.

Amokapua: Socially Responsible

  • Has completed a leadership module.
  • Understands how to contribute to the health of others.
  • Is able to demonstrate through responsible decision making his/her sense of self worth and pride in their personal identity.
  • Possess the skills and empathy to enhance relationships.
  • Understand behaviour protocols when in the presence of Kiingi Tuheitia.
  • Has completed a community project which benefits their marae.
  • Has organised an event for year 1 to 3 students.
  • Has maintained a ‘maara’ for produce distribution to Kaumatua.

Amokapua: Culturally Competent.

  • Is able to quote verbatim ‘Te Tongi a Tawhiao.
  • Has assisted at an annual Koroneihana celebration and Poukai.
  • Has attended a tribal kura reo
  • Is completely able to participate in and contribute to maintaining mana whenua/tangata activities at a marae.
  • Is able to demonstrate knowledge and  competence in three waiata and two ngeri from Waikato.
  • Is able to lead and participate in schoolwide powhiri. (Karanga/Whaikoorero)

Amokapua: Spiritual Respect and Understanding

  • Understands the significance  of Pai Marire to Waikato-Tainui.
  • Understands the significance of other Haahi and is respectful of its presence and practice
  • Is able to give thanks in a spiritual sense, in particular, but not restricted to, the beginning of the day, retiring from the days activities, for meals and safe passage.
  • Understands nga Atua Maori and the role they have in his/her life.
  • Understands the significance of mauri, tapu, and noa, and how to conduct himself/herself appropriately.

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